Mrs. Peel vs. Miss Pegram
A Second Time, With Feeling

The First Was  
Emma's Toughest Fight. This OneWill Be
Even Tougher.

Emma Peel never lost a catfight -- at least, that we were shown -- on "The Avengers." 

Her toughest opponent was Miss Pegram, in " The 50,000 Pound Breakfast ." When sizing up the gang they were investigating, Emma surprises Steed when she points to Miss Pegram, the only woman, as "the tough one." Emma is proven correct.

"Miss Pegram's fight with Emma at the end is exciting because she is able to go toe-to-toe with our heroine," one critic writes . And, indeed, at one point she tosses Emma across the room with a head-scissors.

Another critic describes Miss Pegram as the "anti-Mrs. Peel," who instead of inheriting her fortune had to work her way up in a sexist world, turning evil in their process. That makes their final fight the explosive climax of the episode.

Miss Pegram (as played by British actress Yolande Turner) is finally beaten and trussed up by
Emma (the great Diana Rigg). So sexy.

Here we imagine the two old enemies meeting once again. They waste no time with preliminaries, going right for the hair, yanking and ripping away.

And Emma learns once again that Miss Pegram is "the tough one.

Miss Pegram and Mrs. Peel have one thing in mind


Suddenly yanking hair forward at the same time, Emma and Sylvia smack their heads together, and fall to their knees, stunnned... 

The Ladies Go Right Back It!

Shot, Anyone?

Emma and 
trade punches before landing haymakers

at the same time.

Shall We Dance?

Sylvia lands a surprise kick to Emma's midsection, breaking up the
hair-pulling waltz for a moment...
...but just for a moment, as Sylvia grabs the great length of Emma's locks and uses it to throw her over the shoulder  with a classic hair-mare

`Up We Go!'

`Meet My Foot'

Emma with a balletic move, then the women trade punches, as Sylvia hangs on tight to Emma's hair 

A Face Plant!

Now it's Emma's turn to deal out the pain, tossing Sylvia around by the hair

To Be Continued