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A Rivalry Begins

The California Dolls and the Toledo Tigers battle for the first time. Come for the
hair-pulling, stay for the stomping!
     Rivalries create heroes. One can't be judged great until an equally great opponent is vanquished.

     Sports is full of famous rivalries, from Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, to Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova, to Jack Nicklaus vs. Arnold Palmer.

​     Wrestling has Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zbyszko and Ric Flair vs. Sting on the men's side, and June Byers vs. Midred Burke and Wendi Richter vs. the Fabulous Moolah on the women's side. 

   But it goes back further, to Hector vs. Achilles, David vs. Goiliath, and God vs. the Devil.

    There's a human need to find horoes and villains in any conflict. Wrestling plays upon this need with "faces" and "heels" -- obvious good guys and bad guys.

​      Films do it, too, and "All the Marbles" matches up its dynamic California Dolls against the rough-and-tumble Toledo Tigers.  Beach babes vs. city brawlers, whites vs. blacks -- the differences are stark.

    And their matches are highly entertaining, technically proficient, and -- above all -- savage.

    This is their first meeting, in the Tigers's hometown of Toledo, Ohio. And the brutality is very much in evidence already. 

​     These women don't like each other, and no rule or ref will stop them from doing what they need to do to win the match. 

    But it's a controversial end, and it will prove to be just the start of the rivalry between the Dolls and the Tigers...

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