Wrestling's a test of strength and skill, and visciousness, but also of stamina.
Velvet and Penny are both exhausted. They've pummeled each other continuously...
...and whichever can land the last blow, may be the winner...
...and Penny wills herself up first!
And we know exactly where she's headed!
Yet again she hauls Velvet up by the hair...
...this time slipping an arm between Velvet's legs, and scooping her
up for a body slam!
But Velvet reverses it, and it is she who slams Penny!
It's a pin count! One!
Penny kicks out! No pin.
Oh, to have Velvet draped over us like that!
Penny doesn't enjoy it, though, and the two women get ready to go at it again...
But it's Velvet who lands a big right hand!
Velvet lets loose with a primal scream, and looks to go in for more.
Grabbing a fistful of Penny's hair, she pulls her in for a forearm shivver to the back!
And once more for the Emerald Isle, Velvet goes for the Irish whip...
...only to have Penny reverse it!
Again, Velvet goes a'climbing!
The fiery redhead's hair truly looks to be aflame... she mounts Penny!
This time Velvet goes for the full Victory Role!
Velvet hooks Penny's legs, and the ref starts his count...
It's a pin! Velvet wins!
Velvet celebrates as some older folks and a couple of stoners cheer her on!
 A hard-fought victory for Velvet, but amid the joy, she can think of just one thing...