Penny has bad intent on her mind as she approaches the fallen Velvet.
Penny goes back into the hair...
...putting Velvet into a reverse headlock -- and yanking those locks behind her back! 
But Penny has something more serious in mind than hair-pulling. Gathering in all her strength, with one mighty thrust, she hoists Velvet off the ground....
...and up into the air! It's a suplex!
And down comes Velvet, the whole front of her body exposed!
Velvet hits and bounces off the canvas...
...finally clattering to a stop. 
This time Velvet is finished, Penny decides, and she goes for the pin!
The ref raises his hand for the count...
...but then up goes Velvet!
She bridges out! No pin!
Penny has one response to that!
She tries another pin, but Velvet kicks out!
A frustrated Penny feels Velvet isn't cooperating...