The Redhead Flies

Both ladies are slow to get up this time, as the damage is taking its toll.
Finally they get to their feet, and face off once more.
But this time Penny walks into a haymaker from Velvet!
And Velvet with another right-hand shot!
Velvet follows Penny into the corner, then tosses her out with an arm-drag.
Penny hits hard and clatters across the mat.
And goes for her signature move, the flying drop-kick!
And down goes Penny!
The first one worked so well...
...Velvet goes for another!
Penny staggers like a drunk, as Velvet charges!
But what is this? Velvet does a 180 in the air, locks her legs around
Penny's waist, then rolls forward...  
...flipping Penny violently to the mat. It's a modified Victory Roll,
a pinning combination!
The ref moves in the for the count...
But Penny kicks out!
No pin! And Dick Kroll takes some collateral damage...