Emma Lands in the Sand Trap

She Blasts Out, But First Gets a Penalty:
A Vicious Hair-Pull!

     Brilliant, beautiful and athletic, it comes as no surpirse that Emma Peel is also a scratch golfer. 

     But this is no pleasure round she's playing. Mrs. Peel and John Steed are called to investigate strange goings-on at a golf course -- spies, selling scientific secrets to "the other side"! This is dangerous stuff. 

     The highlight is a lengthy golf-course fight between Mrs. Peel and the tough-guy Collins. He jumps her from behind, only to find himself tossed into a greenside bunker. Each time he tries to scurry out of the sand, she kicks him back down, before diving down into the pit with him. They wrestle and tumble around on the sand, before the thug plays dirty: He pulls her hair! And how.

     Collins grabs a solid handful of Emma's shining locks and throws her to the sand, then yanks her back up to her feet. Holding the insolent bitch up by her hair, he decides a slap or two are owed for the trouble she caused.

    Truly a delightful fight, filmed with thought and care, as was usually the case with "The Avengers." It's as if they had us in mind!

     And Francis Matthews, playing Collins, is he the luckiest guy on earth, or what? In his place, I would have kept calling for another take. "Didn't get that one quite right, let's try it again!" Enjoy his good fortune!        

At left, Emma Peel shows off her golfing prowess. Below, her opponent displays his hair-pulling skills.

Looks Like a Beautiful Day for Golf! 

Not for Mrs. Peel. Suddenly, out pops a thug with a gun! He takes her prisoner and shackles her to a wooden chair. She can only look on, worried, as secrets are passed to the enemy. 
But there's no jail that can hold Emma Peel! Grrrrrowl!

The Fight

Part 1: The Sneak Attack

The Original Video!

Emma is again jumped from behind, but this time she's ready...
...quickly turning the tables and tossing the goon into the sand trap!

Part 2: Down, Boy!

Emma shows you really can keep a good man down.
And, she thinks to herself,
"That looks like fun!"

Part 3: Into the Pit

With a great leap, Emma tackles the thug and, tangled together, they tumble to the bottom of the bunker...
...fighting all the way!

Part 4: The Hair-Pull

Emma gets the upper hand, and looks to subdue the punk. When, suddenly...
...in his desperation, he goes for her hair!
Yanking mercilessly, he pulls Emma to the ground...
"Who's in control now?"

Part 5: Up, Girl!

`On Your Feet, Bitch!'

Sinking his hand ever deeper, he drags Emma up by the hair...
"And now, time to teach you your lesson, woman!"

Epilogue: Who Teaches Whom?

"Get you dirty hand out of my hair!" Emma, it seems, has had enough.
Emma fights her way free, then chops him down.

Emma Wins the Course Championship!

"How's the scalp feeling?"                    "Just keep pouring."

Watch the Video!

"The Thirteenth Hole" was episode 94 of "The Avengers," and the 16th of the Emma Peel era. It aired in January 1966 in the U.K., and in August of that year in the U.S. "​​ Terribly uneven ," according to one critic, we recommend it only for the fight, which we highly recommend.