Adding Insult to Injury in Akron

2-on-1 Beatings,
A Crooked Ref,
and an Outfit Malfunction! 

     As the opening credits end, we are introduced to our heroines, the California Dolls -- blonde Molly and brunette Iris. They are taking part in a match in working-class Akron, Ohio.

     This is no modern-day WWE production; just another low-paying gig on a Midwest circuit of seedy venues. This is the bottom of the wrestling business.

    What's more, the black-clad Dolls are the hated out-of-towners in Akron, facing a hostile crowd and what appears to be a crooked referee. 

     The local favorites are a couple of brunettes dressed in blue -- we don't get their names.

    But they know what they're doing. The camera cuts to the ring, where Molly is taking a beating at the hands of Akron wrestler No. 1.

     The local girl gives Molly a vicious knee to the face, sending her flying down to the mat!
Wasting no time, the Akron No. 1 hauls Molly up by her long blond hair....
...and sends her flying in to the turn-buckle! Molly is just about out of it, but Iris manages to make the tag...

Iris, as Never Seen Before

   "Bring it on," says Iris.
    Our focus, as always, is on the hair, and Vicki Frederick, playing Iris, has one of the most gorgeous heads of hair ever. Her Akron opponents can't seem to get enough of it, either.

     Ms. Frederick also has a very nice set of breasts, as we see here. And if you think that low-cut outfit is hardly worthy of containing those lovely missiles, you may be right... 

Ladies, Engage!

The two women lock-up together in the center of the ring in a struggle
to gain the upper hand...
Akron No. 1 makes her move, swinging her arm around Iris's neck
and trapping her in a classic side head-lock !
As Akron No. 1 tightens her hold on Iris's head, pressing her opponent's face into her heaving breasts, Harry the manager can only look on in wonder! 

`No Choke!'

 The girl from Akron sinks a hand into Iris's hair to secure the hold
Has she turned the headlock into an illegal chokehold? That's what the ref wants to know. Harry's got no doubts.
"Get away -- she's mine! All mine!"

Flying Head Over Heels

Akron gives Iris the works, choking her roughly around the ring
"See you on the flip-side"
Using Iris's head for leverage, Akron No. 1 flips her violently to the mat!
Iris lands with a "THUD!"

A Wardrobe Malfunction?

As Iris hits the canvas, does something -- er -- do two things shake loose
from their hidding places? We certainly see something resembling nipples,
yearning to be free... 
As the Akron No. 1 reaches down for her opponent's hair, even as the Iris's breasts continue to hang free...
...the film suddenly cuts to a cheering crowd. That's a pretty good sign that something went wrong. Because when we come back, Iris has already been hauled to her feet... Well, see for yourself.

The Cornering of Iris

As we return to the action, we see Iris from behind -- no sign of the outfit malfunction. She's been hauled up by the hair, which her opponent then uses to throw her into a hostile corner. 
Now that Iris in the corner and handy, Akron No. 2 decides to lend a hand...
She grabs hold of Iris's shining locks as Akron No. 1 loads up a right!
Iris takes it on the chin!

Pound Until Tender

Now that they've got the hang of it, the girls from Akron go to work on Iris!
And look at the ref! He sees this blatent rule-breaking taking place, yet he lets it go on. Well done, sir! You're a credit to your striped shirt.
Akron No. 1 pounds...
...and pounds away on poor trapped Iris!

`Finish Her!'

The Akron faithful are on their feet cheering as their local girls pummel Iris. Victory is in their hands, the crowd thinks. But not too soon, please. Let their wrestlers have some fun, first!  
Molly can only watch as Iris is pounded again and again in the far corner.
Finally the ref takes an interest in the girl on the outside, while
the beating continues on the inside.

A Surprise Visitor

The referee looks on, bystander-style, and lets the pounding go on. Iris can't take much more of this...
...neither can Molly, who decides to break it up!
Molly's rule-breaking is pointed out by the Akron wrestler who, from the ring apron, continue to hold Iris by the hair as her teammate beats her.
What can she be pointing at?
It's not Molly, it's Harry the manager!
     Yes, Harry's had enough, and in he comes to -- what? Complain to the referee?

    In any case, he doesn't get far. Akron 1 greets him with a big right hand.

     "Don't interfere, little man! This is woman's work."

Four's a Crowd

In comes Molly, and it's a four-woman brawl!
Iris uses the distraction to get her revenge, grabbing the hair-grabber by the hair. And, as Molly flies toward an uncertain fate....  
...Iris brings her oponent into the ring the hard way!
And two girls make hard landings.

The Ref Gets No Respect

As Akron 1 goes for wounded Molly, Iris gathers herself...
...and slams a shoulder into the referee. He hits the mat hard!

And the Crowd Goes Crazy!

The End

(Honestly, that's how it ended. No conculsion. Next scene, in car on to next match.)


The Scissors Close on Iris