`All the Marbles'

Pro Women's Wrestling Gets Its Big Moment on the Big Screen

`Too Much Hair-Pulling'?
No Such Thing, We Say

     "All the Marbles" first came to my attention during a review by TV critic Katie Kelly on WNBC in New York. "Too much 
hair-pulling for me," she said. Immediately I knew the movie was for meI
     And it didn't disappoint. It's the story of two lovely pro wrestler's and
their slightly sketchy manager, battling their way to the top of a crooked and violent sport. Directed by Robert Aldrich, it starred Peter  

The California Dolls: Lauren Landon, left, as Molly, and Vicky Frederick as Iris

"kayfabe," or staged moves. These women are involved in very real and  savagely violent fights, in front of blood-thirsty fans and with a lot at stake. Aldrich realistically captures all the body-crushing action, and the pain and suffering that these proud women endure.
     The great ladies wresling champion Mildred Burke trained the women, some of whom -- like Landon and Frederick -- weren't wrestlers. (Japan's great Mimi Wagiwara, in a small role, was an exception.) So that means the wrestling itself is terrific.   
Faulk as Harry the manager, and as the wrestlers two newcomers: Lauren Landon (as Molly) and Vicky Frederick (as Iris). Together, they were the California Dolls, shamelessly marketed by Harry for their sex appeal.
     Beyond their beauty, however, they become a winning combination in the ring. Their high-flying style anticipates modern wrestling, as do their good looks.
     Most special is that the movie is filmed as if professional wrestling was legitimate -- that is, no    

That's a Pin, Ref -- No Butts About It!

Below, we bring to life some of the Dolls' best battles. Just click:

A Rivalry Begins

The California Dolls and the Toledo Tigers battle for the first time.
Come for the hair-pulling, stay for the stomping!

Adding Injury to Insult In Akron

The California Dolls take to the ring for the first time, facing a two tough cookies, a hostile crowd, a crooked ref, and -- a wardrobe malfunction? 

When Scissors Close

The California Dolls take on a Japanese tag-team that includes the great Mimi Hagiwara. But it's her partner, Ayumi `Jumbo' Hori, who puts the squeeze on Iris.

Watch the wrestling scenes!

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