Atomic War Declared on Emma


Two Rivals Choose
Nuclear Option
Against Mrs. Peel

      It begins with eight women, in one ring, vying for supremacy.

     They naturally square off by twos. But as soon as one competitor is eliminated by pin, her subduer becomes a free agent -- she can turn any encounter into a 2-on-1. Woe on the poor "one" in that equatio n.

    In this case, it is Mrs. Peel. Competing in a Battle Royal against a group of hardened criminals she's brought to justice, Emma is understandably popular. For them, this is a chance to get even with their auburn-haired nemesis.

     We bring you a portion of the Battle Royal where two  
wrestlers, Miss Pegram and Mandy McKay, are teaming up on Mrs. Peel.

​    While our girl has defended herself gamely, the odds are too high. Mandy and Miss P. land two and three blows for each of Emma's,   
driving her to the mat. Then they shift their sadistic aim to her most private parts.

​     The low blows will
fly, and the atomic bombs will drop. Can Emma survive the onslaught?

Three's a Crowd

With Emma now in their power, Miss Pegram and Mandy go to work down under. Two mighty boots sink Mrs. Peel to her knees in agony.
She's not down long, however, as Miss Pegram hauls her up on a shoulder...
...and Mandy delivers a punch right where it hurts!
Then it's KA-BOOM! As the note says, "Atomic Drop -- Tag Team Style"
As Mandy holds Emma in her seat of pain, Miss P. delivers the SLAP!
Then Miss Pegram grabs two melons and squeezes!
This time it's Mandy offering Emma's soft spot for Miss Pegram to CHOP!

Look Out Below!

The Atomic Drop can be performed from the front or the back, and here Mandy spreads Emma's legs for detonation on Miss P.'s knee!
It's KA-BOOM! again for Mrs. Peel! But at least Mandy offers a stroke of sympathy...
...before yanking Emma up by the hair, and dropping her back on Miss Pegram's knee! 
Mrs. Peel is almost overcome with pain, so there's only one choice: CHOPS

Head Butt or Boot Stomp?

With two handfuls of hair, Mandy yanks Emma up -- and drops her to the mat!

`A head-butt to the groin?'

`Yep, I've been practicing!'

the --!'

     And as Mandy and Miss Peagram debate the best way to deliver a groin shot, we must leave off.

     What will become of poor Emma? Can she overcome this beating to triumph in the Battle Royal?

    Stay tuned...

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