Velvet's Bad-Hair Day

Here's Velvet against a host of her oppenents, including the Fabulous Moolah, right, with whom she had some famous matches. And no one pulled Velvet's red hair with Moolah's frequency and creativity. 

Goes for
A Big Splash!

Now Moola's Mad!

A Miss

`All That Red Hair!'

We quote Gorilla Monsoon, who worked many of Velvet's WWF matches and often commented on her lovely long locks -- and how they were such an inviting target for her opponents. None took better advantage of it than Moolah, who in general worked the hair more and better than any professional lady wrestler. We thank her for that.

`Mmmm, what conditioner do you use?'

`None of your

`Then we do this the hard way! ' 

'Hey, that's against the rules!'

'You know that's against the rules, right?'

Velvet Escapes!

A bridge!  So difficult, so delightful!

'Watch de hair!'

Pin Count!




It's a Pin!

Winner, and Still Champ ,