Soft White Underbelly*

Tender & Inviting, It's a Magnet
For Fists and Feet 

      Belly punch, stomach shot, gut buster, body blow -- call it what you will --  it's one of the most effective and popular fight moves.

​     Woe betide the woman who leaves her midsection unprotected, even for a moment. 


​     She realizes her carelessness only as her opponent's fist tears into her stomach. The blow is stunning, knocking the wind out of her .

​     All her defenses are down when she sees, too late, that the follow-up blow is on its way...

​     The bully punch has developed a large and
​​ fervid fan base, so we've gathered together in one place some of our favorite gut shots.

     We've even broken them down by type --
  from punches and kicks to elbows and slaps, with 1-on-1 and even some 2-on-1 female action.

​     A belly-punch special, indeed! Enjoy...
* "Soft White Underbelly" was the original name of the American rock band, Blue Oyster Cult.

The Belly Punch

Simple yet devastating, a solid fist to the breadbasket can slow any woman in her tracks. A momentum changer, and a fan favorite.
On the left, the rare double gut-shot, from two headlocks.
Controlling your opponent by the hair is always smart -- see how it opens up Emma's midsection. But beware a counter shot!
And even better than holding her up by the her hair, tie her up and use
her as a heavy bag! 

A Kick in the Gut

Bellies aren't for punching alone. The midsection can also be vulnerable to attack from below, where feet and knees can inflict serious damage.
Kicking her when she's down may be frowned upon in some circles, but
not at the Girls Fight Club.
A precarious landing spot!

Punching Her When She's Down

A slam to the mat is often followed by a blow to the suddenly exposed midection. Here, the fists go to work like jackhammers on Emma's poor tummy.
How to escape a leg-scissors? Turn toward your foe, and bring down the hammer!
If she's still struggling once rest-time has come, a belly shot can do wonders.

Slaps, Elbows, Head Butts

The elbow is ideally placed and shaped for a painful body blow. But the head can be used in a pinch, and what hurts more than a resounding slap?

Pinned and Punched

Finally wearing Emma down, Queen Kong looks to turn her insides into jelly. 
First she pounds Emma's back like she's tenderizing a steak... 
...then it's time for the soft white underbelly to take its pounding!

A 2-on-1 Target

The stomach is always targeted in a 2-on-1 attack, if only because it's so easy to hit. One girl pins her arms, the other pounds her. Below right is a variation, in which two handfuls of hair produce a pair of gut busters.   
And let's not forget the 2-on-1 kick to the midsection! Emma' stomach takes a beating as her opponents pound it singly and in tandem!

Look Out Below!

     The back-breaker over the knee, and its sister move the gut-buster over the knee, are highly effective 2-on-1 moves.

​    One teammate gets the single girl into a fireman's carry and hoists her high, before dropping her across her teammate's awaiting knee. 

​    Here, Emma gets to experience just how body-shattering these moves can be.
 And, just for good measure, Emma's poor stomach takes a final double shot!

Welcome to The Girls Fight Club

Where Hair Is Always Flying!