Bikini Battle Royale

Tina Takes On Sylvia
-- Or Is it Tammy
Against Amanda?

     Apartment-house fighting enjoyed a golden age in the 1980s.

    Most of these were what we call "glamour" spreads, with two (or more) women taking on catfighting poses for the camera. Often they dressed for particular fetishes -- in schoolgirls outifts, or in high heels and dresses, or, as here, in bikinis.

     Some of the results were better than others -- it obviously depended on the quality of the performers and the photographer.

     We present here one of the better efforts, between two exceedingly beautiful young women who put some energy and purpose into the catfight. That they both of possess gorgeous  heads of long hair doesn't hurt one bit.

     I first found this match, titled "Bikini Battle Royale," in Fighting Hellcats: Beautiful Women in Fierce Combat (No. 4, November 1984).

     I bought it at Edwards News Agency, an adult bookstore on Rt. 130 in West Collingswood Heights, New Jersey, which I used to frequent in that pre-internet era. (Open 24 hours and slightly less sketchy then others I've visited, Edwards appears to still be in business. Good job!)

     The magazine was probably new or close to it when I purchased it,and I treasured it for decades. A few years ago, it was one of my first postings on on

     Then, mere days ago, I was alerted to a website with more photos from this catfight -- but they were from a different magazine!
Tina delivers a shot to Sylvia's midsection -- or is it Tammy kneeing Amanda? That depends on which version of the catfight you have.
In Fighting Hellcats, left, the combatants are Tina and Sylvia; in Sports Review Wrestling, our heroines are Tammy and Amanda. But you know the old saying, a catfighter by any other name...
     Shots from this match were previously published in Sports Review Wrestling (June 1982), a pro wrestling mag that also catered to catfight fans. A few of the photos were repeats from Fighting Hellcats, one or two were just "flopped," but others were brand new to me.

    Instead of Tina vs. Sylvia, however, this fight was billed as Tammy vs. Amanda! But it was definitely the same two lovelies.

    You can imagine how excited we were! We got right to work producing this new feature-length catfight for our loyal readers.

     We've kept the girls as Tina and Sylvia, as we've come to know them over the years. And we've placed the match under the auspices of the Girls Fight Club, the natural place for to lovely ladies to settle there differences.

     May the best woman win! Enjoy!
A NOTE ON THE PHOTOS: The shots from Sports Review Wrestling were found on the delightful Apartment House Wrestling Gallery website, which bills itelf as "The largest permanent archive of apartment wrestling images from the 70's and 80's." We won't argue. Find Tammy vs. Amanda here:

A Matter for the Girls Fight Club

     Tina and Sylvia were once the best of friends, two women bonding together in the face of a hostile man's world.

     But competition was inevitable, and eventually their career paths collided.

     Tina felt she was in line to be Chief of Cancer Research. Sylvia was even her top reference for the job.

    Then, suddenly, Sylvia got the appointment! And shortly thereafter, she was spotted on the arm of CEO.

    Tina was hurt and angry.

     Their relationship only got worse after that. Following one particularly ugly exchange, they decided there was only one
solution: The Girls Fight

     They both knew the rules: There were none. It was one on one, woman against woman,

the ultimate test of feminine power.

     What follows is the only record of that epic encounter -- and its wild and erotic aftermath...
An angry Tina quickly gets the upper hand, following up the knee-shot with a leg-scissors. And why not a nice yank of Sylvia's blond hair?

Tina jumps to her feet, then plants a foot on Sylvia's wind pipe.
Then she turns Sylvia over  and into...
...a Boston Crab! Tina pulls back on Sylvia's legs and bends the blonde in half.
Then Tina throws Sylvia over her knee -- a Back-Breaker!
A hand on Sylvia's throat, and it's almost over...

Sticking the Landing

Tina decides to end it in spectacular fashion, with a big splash. But she only makes it halfway down before she meets Sylvia's feet!
After Tina's hard landing, Sylvia goes to work on the brunette, twisting her arms painfully behind her, driving her
face-first into the mat.
Now Sylvia rolls Tina over...
...and does the River Dance all over her soft white underbelly!
There comes a time in every girl's life when it's time to slap on the Camel Clutch!
Sylivia yanks with all of her might, and all Tina can do is scream.
With Tina clutched out, Sylvia goes for the pin!

Cat Scratch Fever!


Instead of a
pin-fall, however, Sylvia -- in true catfight fashion -- gets a handfull of Tina's nails scratched across her stomach! We said anything goes...
And Tina
reverses the
move and takes control!
It's a chokehold! Tina decides to end it now!
Sylvia struggles for breath as Tina leans her weight into the hold...
No air... Everything going black for Sylvia...

Hair-Pulling Time!

But Sylvia's not done yet! With a last-second burst of strength she breaks the hold...
...and takes the fight to Tina!
Tina's long braid suddenly falls into the enraged Sylvia's hand, and
the blonde knows just what to do with it!
Tina screams as it feels like her scalp is being pulled out by the roots.
But Sylvia is hardly finished. Grabbing another handful of Tina's hair...
...she straddles the brunette...
...and tugs with all her might!
Tina screams, and her magnificent breasts heave almost out of her top!
Sylvia throws Tina to the floor and clamps on the head-scissors!
Sylvia hangs on to Tina's braid to secure the hold, yanking to add a little extra pain.
Tina struggles, but it's no use...
...No air... can't breathe...
Sylvia releases the hold, climbs over her prone opponent, and clasps a hand down on her throat. Tina gasps for air!
Sylvia's grip is like a vice! Tina fights back with what little strength she has left, her right hand pulling inefectually on Sylvia's bikini top.
But the material holds! Those breasts won't be popping out in this match.
Sylvia squeezes mercilessly down on Tina's throat, until the brunette's waking world is replaced by bright red and orange stars, which finally fade to black...

It's a Pin!

When Tina finally comes to, she sees that her nightmare is complete, as she finds her arms pinned to the ground and Sylvia smirking above her.
`Never!' cries Tina.
'Say it,' taunts Sylvia. 'Tell me I am the better woman!'
`Well, then,' says Sylvia, 'you are going to need some more schooling!'


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