Bikini Battle Royale: Part II
Sylvia Collects Her Trophy

Sylvia's Celebration
Tina' s Humiliation,
The Club's Cheers!

To the winner goes the spoils, and Sylvia is collecting hers.

In the Girls Fight Club, no match is over until the loser is bound, picked up and paraded outy, past the cheering crowd. 

It's the ultimate celebration for one woman, the ultimate humiliation for the other. 

After the pin, Sylvia slides up and sits with her full weight on Tina's chest -- the schoolgirl pin. She exults over her helpless prey. 

With a final word of warning -- "Don't cross me again!" -- Sylvia begins the grand finale. It won't end well for Tina.   

And the Doors Close on Tina!

`Now, for That Braid! What hair-pulling I could have done without this.'

From Punch-Out
To Comb-Out

And So
Of Tina

With Tina passed out and gasping for air, Sylvia grabs the Cords of Discipline.

Rudely rolling Tina over, Sylvia binds her, hand and foot, like a captured animal.

And so it is, symbolically, at least, as Sylvia collects Tina as a trophy of her hard-won victory.

Then a moment of well-deserved

Up By
the Hair...

...a Word of Warning...

And the Trophy Presentation!


Everyone Loves a Parade!

Except Tina, perhaps, who is thrown over Sylvia's shoulder like a sack! Her conqueror and the rest of the Girls Club whoop it up as Tina endours the humiliation, dreaming only of revenge...