Girl on the Ceiling

Mexican or Japanese,
A Devastating Move; Submission or Worse

     The ceiling -- sometimes known as the Mexican ceiling or the Japanese ceiling -- is a devastating and electrifying women's wrestling maneuver.

     It's a submission move, and usually signals the end of the match is near, whether the victim taps out or not. 

   It begins with a thoroughly beaten woman face down on the mat. Her opponent then hooks their lower legs together, grabs the arms of the fallen woman, and rolls backward. 

   As the aggressor lands on her back, her victim is hoisted painfully above her. There is no escape.

    If she doesn't cry uncle, the ceilinged woman faces no good fates. The most spectacular result will be a face-forward plunge to the mat, as her tormentor releases her arms and kicks forward.

    At right are some delightful examples of ceilings, and directly below some on video.

​     Further down, we offer some of our own artistic visions of this fabulous move. We hope we've done it justice!

Ceilings on Video:

A nice how-to, and enjoy the little victory dance!

This one comes with a gut-buster across the knee!

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