An Agent Scorned
Chapter 9

To Revenge

"I can't reach one at the moment," Steed replied, shaking his cuffed arms.

"Oh, of course. I forgot," said Cathy. "How I've teased you, my dear boy!"

Teasing is one way to put it, Steed thought.

"Well, I think she's about done, anyway" said Cathy, opening her legs and sitting back on Emma's chest.

Below her, Emma's face was red and covered with sweat. She breathed in, eagerly, but her eyes remained shut, her faced pained.
"She could have taken the easy way out," said Cathy. "But I think we all enjoyed it more this way."

Cathy stood and walked to her overnight bag. Emma moaned softly but remained stretched out on the floor.

Cathy came back with two cigarettes. She lit them both, placing one in Steed's mouth.

She drew in deeply, and blew a cloud of blue smoke into the air. Steed managed as well as he could, without the use of his hands.

​"Well, Steed, I'm afraid our fun is just about over," said Cathy.
"I've accomplished everything I set out to. She refused to admit I was the best woman, but I think I made that plain to us all. Don't you agree, Steed?"

"I never doubted you, Cathy," Steed replied, out of the side of his mouth.

After a last puff of hers, Cathy took Steed's cigarette and snuffed them both out.
"It's time I finished up," she told Steed.

Cathy went back to her bag and pulled out what looked to Steed like a handful of cords. She took them over to the unconscious Emma.

"Oh, no, Cathy, you're not," said Steed.

Cathy  roughly turned turned Emma over onto her front-side, and proceeded to truss her up. In a final indignity, she left Emma hog-tied, right in front of the spread-eagle Steed.
"I should take a picture of this," said Cathy. "What they would think down at the ministry!"

Steed did not share Cathy's glee at that thought.

"But now I must go," said Cathy, walking over to her bag.

"You're leaving us like this?" he said.

"I have a flight to catch. But don't worry, help is on the way," said Cathy, pulling
a watch from her bag. "My! This took much longer than I anticipated. Still, in just over three hours, you will be rescued."
"Three hours!"

"That's when the Sensei comes in to open the dojo for business," said Cathy as she slipped off her judogi. "He won't be surprised to see you."

Steed looked on, incredulously, as Cathy fished into her bra and pulled out the silver key. She set it at Steed's feet.

"I'll leave this here," said Cathy, as she slipped on one of her typical tight, black-leather outfits.

"The Sensei will release you, and you will be free to go." she said. "Which, I am sure, is what you will choose to do."

"What do you mean?" said Steed.
"Well, I suppose you COULD call in the ministry," she said, with a glance at Steed. She set down the bag and stepped closer to him. "Yes, you could call them in. But what would you tell them?

"That your former partner, whom you had run out of the ministry, kidnapped and held you hostage? Then she beat up your hand-picked replacement, humiliated and hog-tied her?

"Oh, yes, they'd love that. Would do wonders for your careers, too. Mrs. Peel could always go back to the family business," she said, looking over at the former head of Knight Industries, now laying limp and beaten.

"And I'm sure they'd find a nice desk job for you, John," she said, with a playful pat on his cheek. "You'd love it -- 9 to 5, a spot at the rail of the pub until you're pickled, then home with an equally drunk barfly. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?"

"I see what you mean," said Steed, fully understanding the implications. This woman was a genius, he thought. What an utterly devious plan!

"Besides," said Cathy, "I'll be far from these shores by the time you're able to dial a phone. And, before you can get word there, I'll be back in deepest, darkest Africa, doing my important work. It will be as if I never left."

Cathy moved to pick up her bag.

"But, Cathy, wait a moment," said Steed, pleading. "You're not going to leave me like this, are you?"

She looked back at him, quizzically.
"Leave you like what, Steed?"

"Well, you know." He looked down, leading her eyes with his.

"Oh, I see what you mean," said Cathy, a big smile flashing across her face. "You mean THIS!"

With her right hand Cathy grabbed Steed's swollen member, and squeezed.

"Ohhhh!" This moan came from Steed.
"How's that, John, better?"

Cathy slapped her left hand behind Steed's neck and pulled him close. She landed a big kiss on his open mouth as she worked him with her right hand.


The hours on end Steed had been teased, first as pawn to Cathy the dominatrix, then as witness to this monumental catfight, had been too much!

Now, finally, he could release all
the --
​​Cathy pulled away, quickly, leaving Steed open-mouthed, wide-eyed and painfully unsatisfied. 

"Oh, Cathy, don't stop!"

"Sorry, Steed," said Cathy, slinging her bag over a shoulder and walking over to Emma. "Perhaps Mrs. Peel will finish the job!"
Cathy walked over to Emma.

"She put up a good fight, I must say," she said, pulling Emma's head up by the hair and turning her face toward Steed.

"I didn't expect this to be such a close thing," Cathy said, recalling how Emma nearly choked her out.

"I look forward to meeting you again," she said, this time addressing her defeated foe.

That sounded ominous to Steed.
​​"Now Cathy, please..."

"No time, Steed," she said. "I really must go."

She stepped over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Tucking a gun descretely in her garter, Cathy turned back once more to Steed. 

"Till we meet again!"

Then she walked out out, turning off the lights and closing the door behind her.

The room was plunged into darkness.
Steed heard Cathy's footsteps, the closing of another heavy door, and the room was silent.

He listened carefully, and was sure he could hear Emma's soft breathing. That was reassuring.

Slowly, Steed's head fell to his chest, and he drifted into slumber. He slipped in and out of sleep, in and out of dreams. Time passed by.

Steed lifted his head. Had he heard something? Or was it part of a dream? The night was overcast, and very little light came through the windows, high above. Steed could just make out Emma's outline, to his right. Did her head move?

Steed thought back on the remarkable sight he'd just witnessed. Perhaps the two women in the world he most desired, fighting over him! It was a dream come true.

But he was sorry Mrs. Peel had been dragged into it. Somehow, he felt, he himself might be partly to blame.

Oh, the poor girl! Such a beating, and treated so badly. Of course, it wasn't the first time Steed had seen Mrs. Peel tied up before...
​​...but this time he thought he was somehow responsible. Steed was lost in happy thoughts of Mrs. Peel in bondage when he thought he heard something.


It was soft, but he definitely heard it. Emma spoke, and she called out his name!

"Mrs. Peel! Thank goodness. Are you all right?" he asked, gently.

"Couldn't be better," she answered.

She still has her sense of humor, thought Steed, with delight. That meant she wasn't in too bad a shape.

"Where ... is she?" Emma could hardly get the words out.

"Dr. Gale? She's long gone," said Steed. "But there is help on the way."

He told her about the Sensei.

"Won't be long now."

Emma was silent for some moments. Steed wondered if she'd slipped back into sleep.


"Yes, Mrs. Peel?"

"Did ... did you -- enjoy it"

Steed was now the silent one. Finally, he answered, as truthfully as possible.


"Bastard!" Emma whispered, before fading off again into unconsciousness.

                                                          * * *

At 6:01 a.m., the room still covered in the Northern winter's darkness, a door opened. A silent figure passed through it.

It was a small Asian man, somewhere between the ages of 30 and 70 -- it was hard to tell. He glided across the floor toward the two bodies on the other side of the room.

Neither body stirred; they were oblivious.

The man in robes went to Emma. He undid the rope that bound her arms to her legs -- while cradling her head so it wouldn't snap forward into the floor when it gave way. He untied her arms and legs, then lifted her gently, like a child, and carried her toward to the door he'd just come through.
​Bearing her with little effort, he passed down a hall, up a staircase and through another door. He flipped on the light to reveal a large office. At the far end was a big wooden desk, with several chairs arrayed around it.

In front of that was an Oriental rug, with facing couches on each side, a coffee table in the middle, and wing chairs at each end.

The man layed Emma on one couch, placing his hand behind her head and softly lowering it upon a pillow. He delicately brought his hands down on her chest -- and E
mma's arms shot up, instinctively. Her head rose and she gave a cry, though her eyes didn't open.

He easily caught her arms in his hands and lowered her back to the pillow.

"Relax, my daughter," he whispered. "All is well. Sleepp now."

Emma did fall back into sleep, and the man continued his examination. Perhaps a broken rib or two, he concluded, but no serious injuries. Relieved, he left Emma sleeping and went back down to the dojo.

Moments later, he came back carrying Steed as easily as he had Emma. He lowered the big man on to the opposite couch, and gave him a similar once-over. 

No emergency, he glided out to another room, from which emanated the sounds of a teapot filling with water and being set on a lit stove.

                                                           * * *

Sunlight was pouring into the room when Emma awoke.

She tried to sit up, but let out a cry of pain before she got far. She looked down and saw she was covered in a blanket. Lifting it, she saw she was dressed only in her panties and bra. Her ribs were taped; that's we're she'd felt the pain.

Emma's head fell back on the pillow. Slowly, her eyes focused, and she saw a figure sitting across from here. It resolved itself into Steed, smiling, holding a teacup.

"Mrs. Peel," he said. "Good morning!"

She saw more movement, another body coming toward her. She cringed; but, no, it wasn't Dr. Gale. Her eyes focused on a small Japanese man approaching her.

He placed a hand on her forehead and took her right wrist in his hand; he was taking her temperature and pulse.

"You are doing much better, Mrs. Peel," he said, backing away with a slight bow, turning and walking out of the room.

Emma looked Steed.

"Oh, that's the Sensei," said Steed. "This is his dojo, apparently."

"Steed, what is going on?"

"Where to start?" said Steed.
​​"How about at the beginning?" Emma said.

As the Sensei set down a cup of tea for Emma, and an ice pack for her head, Steed proceeded to give a rundown of the past 24 hours.

It started with Cathy showing up unexpectedly at his door, in the best of spirits, speaking of ending their feud and reestablishing their friendship. She even hinted at, perhaps, something deeper. They talked and drank Champagne -- then Steed found himself here. He had been drugged.

Emma asked about the riding crop and feather. Steed, with a blush, mentioned Cathy's skills as a dominatrix.

Them Emma had arrived, and she knew the rest. Steed didn't mention the final, shall we say, climactic moment before Cathy left.

He did recount Cathy's warning about what would happen if they reported this to the Ministry, and Emma had to agree.

Emma expected Cathy to pay, but not that way.

"Sensei," she asked, "do you have anything stronger?"

He bowed and went out, returning with a tray bearing two flutes and a bottle of fine Champagne.

"Compliments of Dr. Gale," he said, pouring.

"Sensei," asked Emma, "am I imagining it, or did you call me 'daughter' earlier."

"Indeed I did," he said. "Forgive me. But I also studied with Master Toyota."

He broke into Japanese, to which Emma responded in kind. It was all Greek to Steed; he just wanted to drink that wine.

The Sensei excused himself and left the room.

Emma offered up her cup for a toast. Steed raised his in reply.

She looked him in the eye, leaned close, and whispered: "To revenge."

Steed's eyes opened wide. Revenge against whom, he wondered. Cathy's story had been all too true, he knew, and he was ashamed of a lot of things he'd done. But, no -- she must mean Dr. Gale.

They had both been made the fool by Cathy. There would be payback.

In any case, he wanted to stay on the right side of Emma. Steed raised his cup and, with a clink, agreed:

`To revenge!'