Dazzler Goes to Ryker's Island

`It's a Jungle,' and Our Superheroine Is Under Attack

    Dazzler, aka Alison Blaire, started as some kind of disco-singing crime-fighter for Marvel, in an odd ​​​ commercial tie-in with a record company. She's also been an active member of the X-Men. 

     Here she gets the classic women's prison treatment. Faced with a murder charge, she turns herself in -- only to be sent to New York's notorious Ryker's Island. Her secret identity is discovered
by "The Grapplers." These "wrestlers and mercenaries" decide to take a piece out of Dazzler. It's a good beating, too, and she gives it right back. The hair-pulling stands out, as previewed at left. Enjoy!

`Trial ... and Terror!'

A murder Charge ... Alison Runs ... Then Thinks Better of It

Oh, Alison, If Only You Know What Was in Store for You!

It Doesn't Seem So Bad So Far...

Alison's Secret Has Been Discovered!

`Wrestlers and Mercenaries'

Like Listening to Celine Dion! Dazzler Is Out...

Or Is She?

Not Celine Dion Again!

And Look Who the Prison Boss Is Now...

Alison Is Not-Guilty!

Yet Will She Ever Get Over the Killing, and a Stay in That Filthy Jail?

`Hey, This Is Sexual Harassment, Buddy!'