Emma Peel vs. Foxy Brown

Who's Baddest?
Only a Catfight 
Can Answer That

Beauty, Brutality

      If Emma Peel was the sexiest spy from the 1960s, Foxy Brown was the baddest chick from the 70s.

​     With the lovely Pam Grier in the title role, "Foxy Brown" was a classic "Blaxploitation" movie. Foxy finds herself battling drug dealers, getting mixed up in the sex-slave trade, and even being raped. But she gets her revenge!

​     "She's the meanest chick in town!" Or so the movie poster  proclaims. Can she put Emma "on ice"?

    Foxy's got the street smarts, while Emma is a trained expert in the martial arts.

​     There's only one way to find out which one is the toughest woman -- The Girls Fight Club way!

​     We draw Foxy here in her classic Afro, while Emma wears the long hair she grew out after "The Avengers" (or so we imagine). So there's plenty for both women to pull!
Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Pam Grier as Foxy Brown

Let the Baddest Woman Win

Emma and Foxy circle, sizing each other up, looking for an opening. Soon they'll testing their strength and skill, trading blows, grappling for mastery...

`Bring it on!'

are so mine!

They go right for the hair! Both women sink their hands into their opponent's crowning glory, looking to rip it out by the root... 


 The two women stagger like drunks after the double bell-ringer! 
Yet once the stars clear, they're right back at it
`And you've got a soft spot!'
`You've got one hard head!'
Emma shoots a knee in Foxy's stomach!
Taking advantage of the surprise move, Emma goes for a snap mare! 


Emma sinks a hand into Foxy's 'fro, only to get a foot in the face for her troubles!
Foxy finds Emma's mass of auburn hair is useful for throwing her
to the floor, and for hauling her back up...


Foxy stands Emma up, and takes aim with a big right hand...


Foxy sends Emma flying! Then a hair-grab to bring her back...
Emma strikes back with an elbow to the stomach, then another that sends Foxy's head spinning. Now look who's grabbing hair...
But Foxy spins and lands a knee in Emma's mid-section, breaking the hold!
Foxy can't resist Emma's long hair, just hanging there, waiting to be grabbed.
So she does just that!

They call this move...

...a snap mare by the hair...

...or simply a hair mare


Before the stunned Emma can react, Foxy stomps hard on her stomach. Then she lands a shattering left to the chin.

Going for the Victory!

`On your feet!'

Foxy has Emma where she wants her. But she knows the British spy isn't ready for a pin yet. She'll need some softening up, Foxy thinks to herself, as she drags Emma up by the hair...
Foxy works Emma's body like a heavy bag.
Then it's time for Emma to take another painful trip...



It's a

Foxy puts Emma in a classic double leg-hook folding pin! 

Emma Is Down for One...

Emma Is Down for Two...


Emma kicks out! But Foxy quickly recovers her wits, and Emma's hair...

`Let's go...

`...we're not finished yet!'

Foxy hauls Emma up, and looks to finish it with one big blow...

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Emma vs. Foxy Part II

Savage Slapdown, Decisive Finish

Foxy looks for the knockout, but the seemingly stunned Emma isn't done yet. She lands shot into the American's gut!

`...we're not finished yet!'

`You're right...'

`Meet the floor!'


Emma grabs Foxy in a front headlock, and goes for the verticle suplex!



Emma lands a big splash! Then she goes for the knockout!

It's a Pin Count!

Foxy Is Down for One...

Foxy Is Down for Two...

No Pin!

Foxy kicks out! But Emma goes right back for a Sunset Flip!

It's a Pin Count!

Foxy Is Down for One...

`You're not escaping this time!'

Foxy Is Down for Two...

Emma is one slap of the canvas from victory!

Smother Love

No Pin!

Foxy musters all her strength to kick out of the pin attempt, dealing a stunning blow to Emma in the process!
Then, before Emma can recover, Foxy leaps at her like a predator after wounded prey...

Foxy Goes for the Breast Smother!

`Aiiiieeee! You'll pay for that!'

Emma frantically tries to fight her way out, pounding Foxy and ripping her hair, but it's no use. Her face is trapped between those huge melons -- she can't breathe!
Finally, her struggles stop...

`They never disappoint!'

Emma gasps for air, finally free of her prison of flesh. Foxy pauses to show off her prize possessions, then gets back to the business at hand.

`You're the bitch...'

`Get up!'

`...and here's the.....'



Foxy shows off her forehand and backand on Emma's face


`One More?'

Egged on by the crowd, Foxy smacks Emma to the floor...
...then she prepares for her next round of punishment...

Hair Storm!

"What do they see in this stuff?" Foxy wonders as she fingers Emma's long hair. "Let's see just how strong it is"


A sudden fury takes hold of Foxy as she grips those long tresses. It's like a madness! She is overcome by the desire to yank that hair out of Emma's head! 
It's raining hair, hallelujah, it's raining Emma's hair! 
Foxy doesn't give Emma a second to recover from her defoliating! Stradling the prone woman, she tucks Emma's legs under arm-pits, hooks Emma's arms... 
We copied the move from this great drawing, adding the hairpull
...then grabs two handfuls of hair! It's a submission move...

`We'll have to do this the hard way!'


Once more, Foxy pulls Emma to her feet. Then, with a scoop, she picks her up off her feet, and set her up for a body slam!


Foxy's `Money Maker'

Foxy stands triumphantly over her beaten foe. Emma was a worthy opponent, but she's not the meanest chick in town!

`Oh, yes, bitch, meet my money-maker!'

`No, not this!'

Foxy goes for the reverse face-sit pin! Perhaps the most humilating finisher of all!

Emma's Down for One...

It's a Pin Count!

Emma's Down for Two...

Emma's Down for Three!

It's a Pin!

Foxy Brown Defeats Emma Peel by Count-Out!

Following Girls Fight Club tradition, Foxy binds the legs and arms of her defeated opponent... 
...then takes a well-deserved moment of rest, using Emma as a pillow. 
Foxy pulls Emma up the hard way, and offers a little not-so-friendly advice... 

`If you ever fuck with me again...'

`Stand up straight!'

(How mortifying!)

`I told you you were mine...'

(Till next time!)

The trophy presentation...
...and the carry out!