The Emma Hair-Pulls

     Among the most beautiful women of her day, Diana Rigg also possessed one the most gorgeous heads of hair of all time. Long and lustrous, her auburn locks would have been a prime catfight target.

     This wasn't lost on the producers of "The Avengers," whose villains and villanesses dig their hands into Emma Peel's
magnificent mane on several occasions.

    We bring them to you as part of our mission to bring the greatest in hair-pulling to aficionados everywhere.

The Painful Practice Session

     Emma Peel's martial-arts expertise was hard-won by actress Diana Rigg. She had to work  to acquire the talent to look so deliciously adept in fight scenes. 

     Her instructor was Ray Austin, the series stunt coordinator. Rigg's study included learning both how to deal a blow and to take one.

     Here, Austin and Rigg practice the hair-toss. The notation on the photo at right gives a witty description of it. He must have looked back on his time with "The Avengers" as a career highlight, throwing Rigg around on a daily basis. It's important to love your work.
 I don't know that I remember a scene precisely like this in an episode -- a shame if it landed on the cutting-room floor! If it exists, we'll find it...

`The Thirteenth Hole'

Looking to break up an enemy spy ring, Emma Peel ends up fighting with a baddie at the bottom of a golf-course sand trap. His ass getting kicked, the thug turns to the hair-pull. He throws Emma to the sand by her lovely locks, then hauls her to feet without letting go. Time to teach her a lesson! 

`The Town of No Return'

As part of an elaborate "Avengers" fight scene, Mrs. Peel ends up squaring off against the villainess Jill Manson. The blonde is getting the worst of it, when in desperation she goes for Emma's hair. She breaks the hold -- and no doubt pulls away some auburn locks, too.