Mrs. Peel Takes a Flying Leap

Mrs. Peel and Sir George enjoy a laugh at Steed's expense -- the driver gets an electrical shock when the toy car misses a turn! Now it's time for a "stop at the pits," says Sir George, "a little drink!"

What Goes Up, Must Come Down, Painfully

     When an agent turns up dead, the Ministry calls on John Steed to solve the murder. Steed, no fool, calls on Emma Peel to solve it for him.

     The mission takes them to see eccentric Sir George Benstead. He likes race cars. He also likes Emma, which leads to a delightfully confused exchange.

     After introductions, Steed looks at one of Sir George's vintage cars and comments, "What a beauty!"

     "Oh, I do agree," says Sir George -- except he thinks Steed is talking about Emma!

​     "Marvelous chassis," says Steed, again referring to the car.

​     "Well, I wouldn't be quite so bold as to say that, but..." says Sir George, with a smile, as he eyes Emma up and down. 

​     "Her suspension's pretty complex, too," continues Steed. 

​     "Eh?" says Sir George, now thoroughly bewildered.

​     But there's a murder to solve, and that calls for Mrs. Peel to spring into action. And we mean that literally!

    Our heroine makes like one of the Flying Wallendas as she battles a masked bandit. May all your landings be soft, dear Emma!
"You do some snooping," Steed says with his eyes, "while I get a drink."
"Well, someone's got to protect the Kingdom," Emma thinks to herself.
Finding an unlocked door, the intrepid spy looks around, then enters...
...and is shocked by what she finds!

Meet Cyd Child, AKA Emma Peel

     Diana Rigg became a star for her portrayal of Emma Peel, but she didn't do it alone.

     Life as a super spy is dangerous, with lots of fights and daredevil moves, and those times called for a stunt double. Out stepped Ms. Rigg, in stepped Cyd Child.

​     Child handled the action scenes for both Rigg and her successor, Linda Thorson (Tara King). 

     She parlayed that success into a Hollywood career that included stunt work in Pink Panther, Superman and James Bond films, among others.

     She was also fight arranger for the "New Avengers," guiding the lovely Joanna Lumley (Purdey).

​     Said to be 5-foot-10 (1.78 meters) and a former judo champ,
Above, Cyd Child shows her muscle, and a little face, as Emma Peel in "The Living Dead."
Cyd Child in 2011 at an "Avengers" 50th anniversary reunion (that's Linda Thorson's hand seemingly coming up to slap her).
There's speculation this is Cyd Child in "Dial a Deadly Number," in which Steed (Patrick Macnee) mistakes her from behind for
Mrs Peel.
Child otherwise remains a bit of a mystery. Photos of her NOT portraying Mrs. Peel are scarce.

     What we do have, however, is a lot of video of Child in action. In "Dead Man's Treasure" here, her performance is nothing short of sensational.
     And this athletic ability that Child brought became central to the Emma Peel character -- along with brilliance, charm, independence, etc., as delivered by Rigg.

     They are both present in the Mrs. Peel who has become a cultural icon.

The Masked Man

"There's a run in that stocking," thinks Mrs. Peel, "and a goon." 
In a flash, she's off!
Emma gets a running start, and leaps!
Over the desk she flies at the cowering stocking-face!
Emma hits him like a thug-seeking missile.
Emma shows some skin as she yanks the masked man up to his feet...
...just so she can throw him back down to the floor!
As Mil Mascaras tumbles off the desk, Emma climbs up on it!
Look out below!

A Trip to the Couch

Like a bird of prey, Mrs. Peel leaps down on her quarry!
She grabs the stunned henchman, and again pulls him to his feet...
...only this time he gets the advantage!
And with a mighty shove, he sends Emma hurtling backward!



The horns help cushion the blow...
...but here he comes again!
They come to grips again....
...and the Masked One goes for a monkey flip on Emma!
The ruffian falls backward, pulling Emma along with him, then plants his right foot just-so -- "Oh!" -- to give her some lift!
And there goes Emma!

Meanwhile, in the Next Room...

Steed and Sir George are enjoying the special house brew! Cheers!

Back to Mrs. Peel, Mid-Flight

Any way you look at it, this is a bad scene for Emma.
Emma is almost snapped in two as she slams down across the back of the couch...
...and then she's whipped forward, for a face-first landing on the couch. (Lucky that.)
But she doesn't escape the floor long, as the goon sends couch and Emma tumbling!
Emma shakes out the cobwebs...
...and wonders what he could be after.
But in a flash, he's gone!
"Beaten by a man," Emma thinks to herself. "I'll never hear the end of this!"

Epilogue: A Gathering of Thugs 

     Mr. Stocking Face escapes with the papers, and meets up his crony.

​     The following is actual dialogue from the program, with the new thug quizzing his masked accomplice about the papers:
​"Did you get them?"


     "Only just -- Mrs. Peel jumped me!"

​"Mrs. Peel?!" 

"You didn't see it!" 

​​"She's well and truly emancipated, is that one."


Emma Takes the Ride of Her Life
-- Or Death!

Welcome to The Girls Fight Club

Where Hair Is Always Flying!