Farah, second from right, says "Save it for the ring!" as Delta Lotta Pain works up the crowd. 

Grab, Throw, Repeat

Touchably Soft
Hair Gets Farah 
Delta Lotta Pain 

     "They’ve been locked up, and they’ve been chained up -- and they’re unleashed!"

     That was David McLane's typically bombastic introduction for Caged Heat, a Women of Wrestling tag team apparently straight out of the penitentiary. Loca and Delta Lotta Pain were their handles, and they radiated a certain comic-book urban menace.

     Who better to pit them against than the petite and lovely tag team of Paradise and Farah the Persian Princess? 

​     It's a classic matchup of beauty vs. beast, face vs. heel.

     The erstwhile prisoners waste no time in breaking the rules, from hair-pulling and double-teaming, to a very well-placed low blow. The boos rain down on Caged Heat as they pummel their beautiful opponents.

     The focus here is Farah's long, lovely hair -- perhaps the finest in the annals of ladies pro wrestling. This would naturally make it a target for enemy hands.

​     But Caged Heat goes all out, with Delta Lotta Pain literally setting up a clinic on how to use an opponent's long locks against her.

     While the beating may have had Farah thinking about a haircut by the end, it is thankfully saved for posterity, so we can enjoy time and again. 
Paradise and Farah, above, were darlings of Women of Wrestling.
Loca and Delta Lotta Pain, below, were ex-cons.
There was an air of mystery surrounding Farah, the Persian Princess, just one of the reasons she was such a crowd favorite 

The Princess vs. The Jailbird

     Farah squares off against Delta, but casts a wary look at Loca as she passes...
     ...and it's only the referee's presence that keep Loca from making a grab at Farah.
The Princess's fury builds, and she charges!
And here comes Delta Lotta Pain!
Delta lives up to her name, dealing a world of pain to Farah with a crotch kick!
The Princess crumples to the mat...
...and Delta makes sure she stays there.

Snap Mare With the Hair

Delta immediately sinks her hands into Farah's mass of shining locks...
...and hauls the Princess to her feet.
"Hey, this one has great hair for pulling!" Delta tells Loca.
"I think I'm gonna use it to snap-mare her to the canvas, real hard!"
Note how Delta has slipped her right hand up and around Farah's neck -- this provides the "snap" that gives the move its name. She's also wrapped her left hand in the Princess's hair, to add a little extra torque to the slam. 
*SLAM!* goes Farah!

Second Verse, Same as the First

Without letting go of the beautiful stuff, Delta yanks Farah back up by the hair...
Once again, Delta sets Farah up for a snap mare with the hair!
Paradise can only watch as her partner is destined for a painful meeting with the floor.
*THUD!* goes Farah.
The Princess is in bad shape.

Three Times Is a Charm!

As Farah struggles to get to her feet, Delta decides to give her a hand...
....again using the Princess's hair against her.
And, for a third time, Delta sets up Farah for a snap mare!
*WHOMP!* goes Farah.
Delta implies Farah may be down for the count...

`The Slammer'

"Once again," announcer Lee Marshall, sensing a trend, chimes in, "Delta Lotta Pain is using the hair of Farah, the Persian Princess..." 
"Sometimes having those long beautiful flowing locks is a definite disadvantage." Marshall adds, "especially when you’re in there with someone like Delta Lotta Pain."
Delta sends Farah for a ride on the ropes! What could be awaiting
the Princess on her return trip?
"That’s the slammer!" screams announcer David McLane as Delta grabs two fistfuls of Farah's hair as she flies by. "They call that the slammer!"
The move might also be called a "face-buster off the ropes,"
as the end result so graphically shows.
"To do it by grabbing someone’s hair, David," suggests Marshall...
"...that’s just inhumane.​"

The Princess Is Handed Off

Delta stands over her beaten opponent and lets out a primeval roar!
But though she's enjoyed pounding the Princess, this time she's not grabbing
Farah's long hair for her own purposes...
That's right, the unselfish Delta is giving Farah to her partner, Loca, to finish off!
"Loca, she's all yours!" says Delta as they make the tag.
"Here, grab some hair," says Delta. "There's plenty for both of us!"
Caged Heat slams Farah down to the mat with a double-forearm to the back!
Loca takes over where her teammate left off -- in Farah's hair.
But wait, Farah escapes! Loca falls for the old crawl-through-the-legs trick.
With an acrobatic tumble, Farah reaches for Paradise's tag. But what a headache! 
"Those guys at kingofhairpull.com," Farah thinks to herself, "they better appreciate what I, a Persian Princess, and my royal hair go through for them!"