Brigitte Bardot
Claudia Cardinale

An Old West Knock-Down, Drag-Out Catfig​ht -- French-Style!

It was the age of the Spaghetti Western, so how about a Souffle Western? Starring France's reigning paragon of female beauty, Brigitte Bardot, and the Italian knockout Claudia Cardinale, "Frenchie King" pitted the two women on opposites sides of an oil war in America's Old West. And while the film was reviewed as " predictable, naive and gauche " the scene when Bardot and Cardinale fight is fabulous, one of the best caught on film. Here's a little taste.

The Challenge Is Accepted...

...and the Fight Is On

`What Lovely Bloomers!'

`Thank You'

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The Action!

It's a Knock Out!

Relax, Smoke a Butt, Watch the Fight