The Girls Fight Club

Settling Scores
Woman to Woman,
No Holds Barred

     They fight for fame, they fight for pride, they fight for revenge. Whatever the reason, when a score needs to be settled, it's time for the Girls Fight Club.

     When two women agree to a match, there are no holds barred. All manner of punching and kicking, chokeholds and submission moves, hair pulling and low blows are allowed. Even encouraged. 

​    Two walk in, one walks out. The other is carried. Below are some things you can expect the see at the Club. Hope you enjoy!

The Rematch

Mrs. Peel vs. Miss Pegram

Their previous battle was Emma's toughest. This one
-- under Girls Fight Club rules -- may be even tougher...

The King's Latest Sketchbook!

Never an idle moment for the King, his pencil at work when he's not at the keyboard. Here's what he has been up to recently...

The Girls Fight Club Presents:

It's Raining Hair!

We call it "Hair Storm," when one woman, angry beyond reason, makes good on her threat to yank the hair out of her foe's head. 

The Girls Fight Club Presents:

Girl on the Ceiling

The ceiling -- often referred to as the Mexican or Japanese ceiling -- is a spectacular and painful move. Submission just might be the victim's best choice, but these women don't surrender easy.

The Girls Fight Club Presents:

The Belly Punch

It's a fan favorite that deserves a showcase of its own! 

The Girls Fight Club Presents

The Atomic Drop,
Tag Team-Style

With a 2-on-1 breaking out during a Battle Royal, it's time for the big bombs to fall. 

Plus! An All-New `Avengers' Story:

An Agent Scorned
When Emma Met Cathy

John Steed's two partners had never crossed paths. Until now. And it's an eventful meeting. The women settle matters in the traditional way, with
Steed a captive viewer.