It's Raining Hair!

Grab 2 Handfuls
And Pull ! Based
On True Events

     It all started in Madison Square Garden, April 23, 1984. Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria, the WWF Ladies Tag-Team Champions, faced off against Wendi Richter and Peggy Lee in a title match. 

    The champs showed their stuff early. But then it came time for the heels to perform the inevitable beat-down on one of the faces, and this time it was Velvet's turn.

​     Peggy and Wendi maul the redhead viciously, making a special point of using her long locks as a weapon against her, literally hair-maring and -tossing her around the ring.

​      That was only a set-up for the pièce de résistance, however.

     As a wounded Velvet lays face-down on the mat, Wendi sits herself down on the champ's back. Then, grabbing two handuls of Velvet's long, beautiful hair, she pulls! And pulls!

     Velvet screams in agony, as the referee ambles over to politely ask Wendi to let go. Which she does -- for just a moment.

     Then she digs her hands into those red tresses once more, yanks her head back, and then starts violently shaking Velvet's head back and forth, time after time! She finally throws Velvet face-first into the mat.

    Oy, what a headache!

     Followed by a hair-mare and pin attempt, it's a wonderful sequence. We'll have that for you soon.

    For now, we have "Hair Storm," which was directly inspired by this move by Wendi on Velvet.

     It just struck us as so vicious, a product of anger rather than strategy.

     "I'll yank that hair out of your head!" It's designed only hurt and humiliate. To tear out a woman's crowing glory is the very epitome of the catfight.

    So, naturally we incorporated it into the

`Hair Storm,' above, is based on Wendi Richter's punishing hair-pull
on Velvet McIntyre, below. 

 Remember to shake well!

​​Various opponents have their way with her Emma's shining auburn locks.

     You joshi puroresu fans are in luck, too! We have Aja Kong getting her hands into Manami Toyota's long and lovely jet-black hair. 

​   We hope you enjoy, and we hope we've done some justice to Wendi and Velvet for their supreme performance! 
​​ Girls Fight Club! It generally serves as a late-match high point, after the women have been pounding on each other for so long it's become a grudge match.

     Winning isn't enough -- punishment is in order!

     Poor Mrs. Peel is destined to serve in Velvet's role, since it should be performed on the woman with the best and longest hair.

Miss Pegram on Mrs. Peel

With Mrs. Peel down, Miss Pegram finds a comfortable place to sit, and examines Emma's long hair. Beautiful, but is it strong? Miss Pegram gives it a thorough testing out...
Any wonder why we named it Hair Storm?

Foxy Brown on Emma Peel

We brought together Emma Peel and Foxy Brown for a battle between screen icons of the 60s and 70s. Click on a photo for the whole match. But here we bring you Foxy using Emma long locks to create a Hair Storm.  

Aja Kong on Manami Toyota

Manami Toyota is the greatest of Japanese lady wrestlers, and Anja Kong her greatest rival. Their matches were marathons, with the enormous Kong taking delight in punishing the beautiful Manami. She never performed a Hair Storm -- that we've seen -- but it might go something like this...  

Cathy Gale on Emma Peel

Cathy Gale was John Steed's partner on "The Avengers" before Emma Peel was introduced. We imagine there's some bad blood there. For more on how they settle their differences, click on click on the drawings for "An Agent Scored." Here, we give you Cathy's Hair Storm on Emma.
And while a Hair Storm is mostly about anger, it'll do more than defoliate your opponent's scalp. It'll also soften her up for some more serious damage. Up we go...

Welcome to The Girls Fight Club

Where Hair Is Always Flying!