Hair Pulling in the Hollywood Hills

Mr. Duffy Decides
To  `Go For It!' --
And We Win!

     Back in the days before the Internet, fetish materials could be purchased only through the mail or in "adult" bookstores. These dingy shops on the outskirts of town were no joy, but at least one could see the products and not wait weeks or months for them to arrive (or not) by post.

     "Fighting Femmes II" was bought at just such an establishment, on the outskirts of Camden, New Jersey, USA. As a young man, I was glad to have found such places, even if catfightiing occupied a tiny fraction of their inventory. It was usually located in a tiny, out-of-the-way corner, with other smaller-interest genres. But occasionally gems such as "FFII" came out of it. 

     The magazine features photos from two catfights, as seen on the cover. It caught our attention with the pulling of the brunette's long hair, in the bottom right panel. (No, it was NOT the boob-biting. It's a lovely tactic, but not our thing.) 

    Inside, we found a wondrously staged catfight between Beth, of the long hair, and Carla. Much of the battle takes place outside, with the hazy Hollywood Hills providing a stunning backdrop. (Perhaps it was shot in Sherman Oaks -- see the note at right.). 

     Beth and Carla are, apparently, lesbians who "wrestle over pussy rights." There is a zany story that accompanies the photos, which are placed in haphazard order.

    We toss the "plot" for one of our own, and place the stills in a roughly coherent sequence.

     The best part is that these are not staged shots. The still photographer is apparently shooting while the match is being filmed. This makes for some great action scenes. It's especially wonderful to see Beth's long tresses flying all around in the wind.   

​ ​​  There's tantalizingly little information about "Fighting Femmes II." The cover tells us it is Vol. 1, No. 1, costs $7 and is for "ADULTS ONLY." No year is given.

    Inside, however, we get a personal note from "Jonny M. Duffy, Executive Editor." This also dates the publication to the 1980s. If it's the same Mr. Duffy, he was a minor Hollywood figure, with acting and assistant-directing credits on a couple of B-movies.

     The magazine also notes that the photos come from "PLATINUM'S smash wrestling video hit" of the same name, available for $49.95."

​​​​  Whether we ever inquired about the video, we don't recall. That was a steep price in 1986 (the likely purchase year), but it still seems worth it.


    In any case, the place looks long out of business. If anybody has the video, please let us know! ​

      Back to the magazine, both sides of the back cover are filled with advertisements for other fetish magazines.

     Among them: Foot Worship, Drag World, Vicious Vixens, Big Tit Photos, Tight Ropes, Dominated & Diapered, Blistered Buns.
All the kind of stuff that would be tucked away in that dark corner of the adult bookstore.
     The magazine offers a delightful step back in time, to a simpler age in fetish. And "Hair Pulling in the Hollywood Hills" gives us a terrific live-action roll-around featuring two game ladies. 

     Beth's long hair, of course, is the magazine's greatest gift. How it shines in the (smog-shrouded) LA sun!

     All we could have asked for is more hair pulling. But we're always asking for that, aren't we? Enjoy.

Pre-Party Fireworks!

Beth and Carla are known for their wild parties up in the Hollywood Hills. They're having one tonight. But as Beth's out sunning herself, guess who's been doing all the work? "Me, that's who!" Carla says, emphatically.
"You're built for heavy labor," Beth snarkily responds.
"And I'm going to start my labor by yanking your hair out!" Carla snarls, and
proceeds to do just that.
The women struggle, then tumble down to the lawn, rolling across the grass in a struggle for power.

Beth's Beautiful Bum

The photographer's focus is front and center in this series of shots, as the girls wrestle on the lawn. We wouldn't have minded a shifting of the perspective to the other side, where Carla is wrapping her hands in Beth's long hair...  
And with a mighty tug, Carla pulls Beth off her feet -- and right on top of herself! 
Carla's seen enough of Beth's butt, and gives a yank to her bikini bottom in protest.

Open Season on Breasts

Beth rolls off Carla, then jumps on her back. In return, Carla gives her hair a yank.  
This time it's Beth giving Carla the wardrobe malfunctions!
Beth manages to sit astride Carla, only to get an unwanted breast examination, with claws exposed! But Beth shows she gives as well as she takes...
With the Santa Monica mountains looming behind her -- and before Carla sends her flying -- let's take a moment to admire Beth's twin peaks. 

Carla's Captivating C***

Our single-minded photographer finds a new center of attention, as Beth bends  Carla pretzel-like. 
Here, we are delighted to see Carla turn to the reach-behind hair-pull . Beth tries to put on the choke-hold when -- "aaaiiiiieeeee!"
Carla uses those long tresses to throw Beth down to the grass, then she goes back on the offensive.
"Do I need to smack sense into you?" Carla yelled at Beth. "We've got a party to throw, now come on!"