Loser Wears Her Birthday Suit

Clothes, and Girls, Take
A Beating


     The last time we saw Carla and Beth, they were rolling around in the yard, engaged in a vicious catfight.

Now, inside, preparing for the party, tempers are still simmering.

     The argument starts, as they so often do, over who's to cook the chili. 

Part II

"If you don't cook it," cried Carla, "I'm ripping those clothes right off your back!" Then, she proceded to do just that! 
Beth loses her jeans, and her shirt gets shreaded, but that only makes her mad, as she powers Carla down to the floor!
Carla looks to do away with what's left of Beth's shirt...
...while Beth grabs hold of Carla's jumper...
...and pulls!

Slaps, Yanks and Naughty Bits

Body to body, hands in hair, the women wrestle on the floor.
Trapped in a headlock, Carla uses two handfuls of hair to yank Beth off her. 
In response to that indignity, Beth rolls Carla over, and delivers...
...a slap!
And here, as promised, are the naughty bits. (Delivered in a John Cleese voice.)
Carla uses a hair-pull to take Beth to the floor, then she goes back at
that damn blouse!
Off comes the shirt -- and more naughty bits! There are Beth's two lovely breasts, staring down at Carla's pair, which are peering out from under her bustier!
We go from from knockers to knock-out, as Carla finally grabs Beth by the hair, and serves up a vicious left to the jaw!

Carla Shows Who's Boss

Carla painfully pins the stunned Beth to the carpet. 
"Unless you want the beating to continue, say`uncle'!" 
"How about I break your arm, then? Say it!"
"Then I'll just pull this hair right out of your head!"​​
"Say it!"​​
"AAAAIIIEEEE! I give up! Uncle! Uncle!" 
"Now go make the chili! And put some clothes on before the guests come!"

The End