Camel Clutching Manami

Japan's Greatest
Wrestler Gets
Taken for a Ride

     The camel clutch should never be applied to an actual camel. Cruelty-to-animal charges would be sure to follow.

    On a woman wrestler, however, the camel clutch is both an effective move and a crowd favorite.

    It's a submission hold, meant to deliver such continuous and inescapable pain the victim can't continue. And even if she doesn't tap out, she's in very bad shape.

     The camel clutch is set up with a good beating that leaves the victim laying face down on the mat. The attacker then sits astride her opponent, slides two hands under her chin, and pulls! This bends the poor girl in half, sapping her energy and her will to continue.  

​     The popularity of the camel clutch, and other submission moves like the Boston crab, lies in it being an extended torture session. The audience wonders how much the screaming victim can take, as her tormentor smiles and tightens the hold. 

​    Few wrestlers could sell pain with Manami Toyota, who may hold the record for most camel clutches against her.

     We've gathered together some of the very best of those images, and hereby present them to our loyal readers.

    There is more to come! Much more Manami to come, including Boston crabs and other painful moves she had to suffer through.

​      Oh, we'll have some of her crowd-pleasing, high-flying maneuvers as well!

    For now, enjoy the camel caravan...