Meet the `Girls' of the Fight Club

Emma Peel, as portrayed by Diana Rigg in "The Avengers," and depicted by the King. Same steely determination, longer hair.

Before Mrs. Peel there was Cathy Gale as Steed's partner, played by lovely and tough Honor Blackman.

And after Mrs. Peel came the buxom Tara King, as portrayed by the buxom Linda Thorson.

Mrs. Peel's best TV catfight was against Miss Peagram, played with evil intent by Yolande Turner, in "The 50,000 Pound Breakfast"

Foxy Brown, Pam Grier's character from the hit movie of that name, gets a hold of Mrs. Peel great mane here. Can you guess what comes next?

Patricia Haines, as Holly Trent in "The Master Minds," had a knock-down, toss-her-out fight with Mrs. Peel

As Oyuka -- "The Immovable One" -- Katherine Schofield met Mrs. Peel in  a karate match in " The Cybernauts. She ended up on her back-side.

As Jill Manson in " The Town of No Return ," Juliet Harmer got to grab a handful of Mrs. Peel's hair as the fought. Lucky girl.

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