The Pile Driver

Ultimate Finisher;
Outlawed in Many States, We're Told

What Goes Up...

      The crowd would gasp, and the announcers would warn that this career-ending move was illegal throughout the civilized world. 

   Yet, there was one wrestler picking up her opponent, upside down, head aimed at the mat.

   "It's a pile driver, folks!" 

   Down they would drop -- BOOM! -- the skull of the unfortunate victim absorbing most of the impact.​ Inevitably, the match would be over, with the wrestler who performed the move lying proudly on top of her senseless victim.

    Sometimes, however, a front and back pile driver is needed to finish off the match. Such is the case here. Enjoy!

A Simple How-To Guide

First, give your opponent a good work-over. When she's thoroughly beaten, drag her to her feet, then -- with her head between your legs -- grab her around the middle and lift.
As you see, your opponent will be totally at your mercy in this position. It's worth a smile. But positioning is key: The crown of your opponent's head must be just below the bending of your knees. So her coconut wil be the first thing to hit the mat, absorbing some of the punishment for your poor knees.
One pile driver will usually do the trick. But if your opponent is particularly plucky, or you just don't like her, another may be needed. We suggest a reverse pile driver, for variety. Up we go!
And down we come! This one appears to have finished the job. 
So, ladies, if you too want to celebrate the sweet taste of victory, don't forget the pile driver. There may be no better finisher in wrestling. Just check to make sure it's legal in your particular state.  

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