The Girls Fight Club Presents:

When Women Battle It Out

It Gets Nasty Quick --
Punches Are Thrown,
Hair Gets Pulled --
Here for You to Enjoy!

The King has been a connoisseur of women's fighting, and in particular their specialty tactic of pulling hair, for decades. The great wide world has shown us many things. What it hasn't, we've created for ourselves. Here are scenes from our latest sketchbooks. It's our dear Emma Peel (with the long hair) finding herself in all kinds of trouble. Double-teaming is against the rules! Poor dear. More to come -- who knows what can happen to her next?

Emma has reason for concern, even as her opponent finds it amusing. 

This Is Called a Body...

`What low blow, ref?'

It's a Pin!

The Victory Pose

And the Carry Out

The End




fans out there?

got her right where you want her!

A Double-Leghook Folding Pin , to Be Specific!

Though Much More to Come From Emma and the Girls!