What's the King Been Up to?

Drawing Emma,
Of Course! New,
Novel Torments!

     We're always drawing. The website and other ventures take up much of our time, but we never stop drawing. It takes takes two forms.

     The major form -- the "novel," if you will -- is a full match that fills up a drawing pad. Normally it's an 11"x14", 100-page Strathmore sketchbook, with two to four scenes per page.
     That's some 300 drawings, which take us from opening bell to pin -- one punch, kick, flip, throw, slam, scissor, choke, slap, camel clutch, low blow, and hair-pull at a time. Usually one-on-one, sometimes tag-team, and once a Battle Royal (on a 14"x17" pad!). 

     You can understad what an undertaking it is! We may get one completed in a year.​ So, even as we're working on a full match, we have a smaller sketchbook going, as well. (Strathmore 5.5"x8.5"). This takes just one drawing per page.

     Sometimes we use it to work on certain, difficult moves for a "novel." Other times, we just sketch what's on our mind.

     And Mrs. Peel, of course, is always on our mind! She's the star of these drawings, drawn with marvelously long hair, playing the role of "face" to her "heel" opponents.

      Emma gets to shine offensively in the longer works, where she combines technical prowess with high-flying tactics.  

     In the sketchpads, however, the poor girl is generally on the receiving end of the punishment. Here, her opponents get to try out all kinds of new body-breaking maneuvers on her. Or they can just practice some old favorites.

    So, this is what the King has been doing! Here's some of our latest work from the sketchbook. We'll continue updating as we produce more.

   And we'll add more full matches -- we have dozens! 
Miss Pegram holds up her trophy and celebratetes... 
...anticipating the pinning of her arch-enemy, Mrs. Peel.
Foxy Brown has Mrs. Peel in the early stages of a Power Bomb! Click on the photo for more about moves in bold!
Foxy slaps the dreaded Crotch Claw
on Emma! 
This Big Splash will not end well for Emma!
This is the start of a Choke Slam!
A smile before the punch!
We first saw this move in an Asian catfight video, and have since incorporated it as a major
element of our matches. We have not heard it named, though it should be dubbed
the Crotch Smother, sister move to the Breast Smother
A good teammate always gives her partner last licks!
Foxy isn't letting Emma get far...
Emma finally goes on offense, getting a Crossbody Pin on Foxy!
Mrs. Peel finishes up a Sunset Flip on Foxy with a pin!
 Thanks to her god-given gifts, Cathy Gale's Grapevine Pin on Emma also turns into a breast smother!
Foxy thinks Mrs. Peel should get back on her feet for some more abuse
The Hair Storm was inspired by an actual `Ride Her Cowgirl' hair-pulling
of Velvet McIntyre by Wendi Richter.
Miss Pegram knows nothing beats a handful of hair when lining up a knockout punch!
Foxy stands proudly over the wreckage
of Mrs. Peel
Foxy is eager to make the tag with Miss Pegram...
...who uses Emma's long hair for the
perfect handoff!
Or maybe they have some fun together -- sharing means caring!
Two more twists on Crotch Smothering. And,
is it me, or are Foxy and Miss Pegram enjoying the move TOO much?
Another crotch-smother variation, here's my first attempt at this Great Pin. It won't be my last.
Two views of the ever-popular Schoolgirl Pin. Poor Emma looks so helpless...
Foxy simply lays on top of the beaten
Mrs. Peel for the pin... 
... while Miss Pegram can't help punishing her with one last Crotch Claw.

To Be Continued...

Welcome to The Girls Fight Club

Where Hair Is Always Flying!