Stretching Her Out

Back-Breaking Work, From Camel Clutch to Boston Crab

Mrs. Peel (Diana Rigg) and Miss Pegram (Yolanda Turner) tangle in `The £50,000 Breakfast'

      Once a competitor establishes the upper hand, it's time to go to work on her opponent's body. Stretch it out, wear it out, wring it out, break it.

    These pain-dealing moves with exotic names are popular on every level of female fighting, from professional wrestling to catfighting to schoolyard brawling.

​              We've imagined them as a series of maneuvers, applied one after the other, by Miss Pegram on Mrs. Peel. She is priming Emma for a pin, and we give you a step-by-step look at her dealing out the pain.
     See below to find out why these moves are so popular, for wrestlers and fans alike.

The Camel Clutch

      This is no way to treat your camel, but it's an excellent way to punish your wrestling opponent.

     First, Miss Pegram gives Mrs. Peel a good working-over, and plasters her to the floor, facedown. Then she plops down on her back, and hauls her up by her arms across your knees.

    Emma's head doesn't want to come, so Miss Pegram is persuasive.
You want to bend you opponent until you see eye to eye
With a grab of Emma's hair, Miss Pegram yanks her back ever farther...

`She's got enough fucking hair!'

...and launches her face first into the mat!

The Power Girl Stretcher

     We discovered this great move in the cartoon on the right. How wonderfully pretzel-like.

     So we decided to try a version of our own, though we would add our own special touch: A hair-pull!

    The maneuver seemed to be calling out for it, stretching Mrs. Peel's body that much further, and adding another point of pain.

     You be the judge!
Unlike Wonder Woman in the original, Mrs. Peel refuses to cry "Uncle"...
...and she pays for her pride!

The Boston Crab

     The clam chowder gets all the press, but the Boston crab is just as beloved among wrestlers and fans.

     Miss Pegram grabs Emma's legs, and bends her backward. Again she takes a seat on top of Mrs. Peel, moving from her back to her head, bending all the while. 
     Now it's time for Emma to take a slingshot ride!

Step-Over Toehold With Facelock

     That mouthful of a name is often referred to simply as an STF (as we note below). 

    It's a painful move on both ends, this time stretching the neck to the  breaking point.

     It also creates a certain intimacy between the wrestlers...
     As Miss Pegram works the facelock, she can't help but notice Mrs. Peel's radiant hair so close, she pulls it close to her own face. "Mmmm, so soft..."

`Smells so nice...

`What conditioner do you use?'


Head-Scissors Into a Flip

     Unable to wring that top-secret information out of Mrs. Peel, Miss Pegram moves on to her next move.

      Pivoting on top of her opponent's back, she swing her legs around and captures Emma's lovely head in a leg-scissors.

     Miss Pegram locks her feet together and squeezes, and Mrs. Peel feels like her head is going to explode like a walnut in a nut-cracker.
With Emma's head so convenient, Miss Pegram just can't resist a little hair-pulling
Keeping the Emma's head in place, Miss Pegram moves forward for a head-scissors vertical suplex!
With Emma laying stunned between her legs, Miss Pegram decides to relax a moment, before the next move...

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