Fun With the Maid of Steel

Black Flame Enjoys
​Her Revenge With a
​Supergirl Beat Down

     Like Superman, her cousin and a fellow refugee from the doomed planet Krypton, Supergirl possesses enormous strength and invulnerabilty. Also like him, however, she is defenseless against Kryptonite and Magic.

​    So guess what Supergirl's enemy Black Flame has in store for her? 

​     Yes, Black Flame uses a clever ruse to lure Supergirl into her clutches, where she has three evil helpers -- including a leprechaun, don't you know -- and a whole bunch of Krytonite.

    Her goal: Kill Supergirl, and have some fun doing it! 
     Here's our heroine, Kara Jor-El as her alter-ego Linda Lee Danvers, watching something unusual on TV. Looks like Supergirl is needed! Let's see what happens in this 1970 comic!  
 Uh-oh. Supergirl is in for a nasty surprise!

Supergirl Flies Into a Trap

Now we see that those bizarre characters are working for the Black Flame, another Kryptonian who had her super-powers taken by Supergirl.  She wants revenge!

Bowling, Anyone?

     As befits a super-villain, Black Flame chooses not to kill Supergirl immediately. Instead, she first wants a little recreational enjoyment. And who doesn't like bowling? Well, maybe Supergirl... 
    Our girl goes flying! And that pin-setter can't be too much fun, either... 
    Now that's the Supergirl we all lknow and love! 

`Supergirl'sTied Up Just Now'

We don't like the way the creep with the walking stick is eyeing our heroine!
Oh, the poor sweet thing! 
Can this be the end for Supergirl?

Deus ex Toy Machina 

As regular readers know, our policy around here is to stick with the women and the action, and to skip over the story details. But we make an exception for this conclusion, which uses a ridiculously funny plot device to free Supergirl. Plus, there's plenty of scenes of our heroine in bondage! What's not to like?
Bottoms up!
And did you know a superheoine's body
hitting the ground goes "WHUMP"?
But now Supergirl is free, and it's time for her to do some whumping!
As the toys finish off the evil nerd threesome, Supergirl sets her sights on her old nemesis, Black Flame.

"Eeee!" indeed.

Let the beating begin!

The End