It Started With a Simple Idea

Supergirl Loses Her Super Powers,
Gets Beaten Up

Dream to Reality 

     Coming up with a new story idea each month must be hard. How many times can a superheroine save the world?

     That brings us to "Super-Girl?" in Adventure Comics No. 405, from March 1971. The plot can basically be summed up as: "Supergirl loses her super powers, gets beaten up." 

​     Don't get us wrong-- we're not complaining. It's a great premise, and should be used with all the superheroines and sexy spy-types. 

​    But we wonder how it was sold in the story meeting. Did someone just say, "Hey, here's an idea. Let's have Supergirl lose her super powers and get beaten up"?
     Or perhaps there was a more sly pitch, emphasizing the new super-villainess, Starfire, and her all-girl gang (itself a rip-off; see box below).
​     In any case, some sly writer got them to buy into his idea, and here's the proof!​  Where would the world be without principled catfight fans? Enjoy!

Hey, Fat Albert! It's the Cos

     Part of the fun in looking through these old comics is seeing the advertisements, and what those old-timey people bought.

    In "Super-Girl?" for instance, we're invited to join one of the then-popular record clubs. Twelve albums for just $2.86! Of course, a new full-price album would arrive at your door every month for the rest of your life, want it or not. 

​     Lots of popular artists available, from James Taylor to Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin and even Mungo Jerry. (Remember him?)

​     But one stands out -- Bill Cosby!

     Best known today for drugging and assaulting young women, and before that as the lovable dad on "The Cosby Show," Cos once was a top stand-up. His comedy albums were best-sellers -- which wasn't uncommon, back in the day. Bob Newhart, George Carlin and Steve Martin all had million-sellers.

    It's Cosby's drugging-and-assaulting, however, that we're interested in.

     Wouldn't you know that, in this very comic, a "love interest" of Supergirl's slips her a mickey!
​     Yes, it's true. Instead of a knockout drug, though, he doses her with one that steals her super power. Just as a 

Look at that sly smile! 

Quaalude will make a woman helpless against sexual assault, this drug makes Supergirl helpless to violent assault. She's nearly killed. 

​   Cos would be proud.

Toying With a Super Heart

Derek, with the same smirk, pulls a "Cos" on Supergirl, drugging her when she's not looking. While his goal isn't to knock her out and have his way with her, ala Cosby, he's similarly using the drug to make her powerless. In this case, to get her out of the way so Starfire can rise!
There's Derek, the rat, making sure he's finished off Supergirl. Once again we ask the eternal
question: Why do good women choose bad men?
And did he have his way with her super-corpse? The record is unclear. 

Supergirl's Not Finished Yet!

Supergirl's alive! But she's injured, which presents two mysteries.
Breaking up is always tough, especially when he's trying to kill you. But Supergirl has no time for crying. She's got crime to fight, so it's off to ... well, read on.
Move out of the way, you're blocking the view! Almost saw Supergirl ​au naturel​.
And good to know the Kandorians are keeping that exo-skeleton technology to
themselves, the little bastards.

Starfire's Dynasty

There's that machine-gun again! Derek's "reward" shows once again that there is no honor among thieves. This Starfire doesn't seem like a very nice woman. Supergirl better be careful...
Beautiful young women fighting for a sacred cause! What could be sexier?

Happy Mardi Gras!

While always a popular costume for Carnival or Holloween, Supergirl has gotten a boost from the popular TV show starring the delightful Melissa Benoist.
​But that Native-American "squaw" costume -- not very socially conscious!
Supergirl loses her super-powers, but is able to flip the car using her exo-skeleton!
Oh, the pain! A new experience for Supergirl, who is outnumbered and easy prey for these ruffians.

It Sucks Being Human

Supergirl suffers the humiliation of being trussed up like a normal human girl,
and is totally at the mercy of the ruthless Starfire.
Our heroine takes it on the chin!
And again! Starfire​​'s proved that Supergirl is helpless. Guess what comes next...
That's right, it's the fun! For Supergirl, of course, that means a good thrashing!
Tossing the Maid of Might around like a rag doll!
Perhaps the first time Supergirl has ever uttered, "WHOOF!"
Some pretty good stuff, though a noticeable lack of hair-pulling. We can only imagine that Starfire used that lovely blond mane of Supergirl's for a few hair-mares and hair-tosses, but they simply ran out of room to print them.
With a "SLAM!" Starfire puts an end to the reign of Supergirl.

The Unexpected Ending

It looks like Starfire is going to get away with this dastardly crime! (Robbing a bank?) No, we meant the killing of Supergirl, which she no doubts plan to do even if she doesn't explicitely mention it here. After all, on the very first panel, Starfire says that to become the new Queen of the Underworld, "first she must eliminate Supergirl." So finally, this is it, the end of Sup -- oh, hang on a second...
Well, we weren't expecting that! What good fortune for Supergirl, and the world.
Aw, poor little Starfire is calling for help. Guess what? There is no help.
Even on Krypton this is known as "pay-back time."
Right, Supergirl, there's no way a superhero, with super-speed and -strength, could catch a woman and an old man. That drug must've addled your brain.
Good luck, Supergirl! We'll try to track down Adventure No. 405, and see if she can manage to get her butt kicked again...