Emma must infiltrate an expert-level martial-arts school, in search of a suspect who's been killing people with an advanced karate blow known as inku. Her arrival is noted.


`Obaka, the Foolish One."

`What makes Oyuka the exception?'

Explaining her interest in joining, Emma is told by the Sensei: "It is difficult for a woman to compete in such company." She points out the presence of another woman. "She is Oyuka, the Immovable One." Emma suggests she can move Oyuka. "Obaka, the Foolish One," he calls her, but he lets her try.

The Fight
Is On!

In a traditional show of respect before the violence, the women bow to Sensei, and to each other. Then they face off in the middle of the dojo. 
Martial arts students of the highest level, the women circle warily, knowing the smallest mistake could lead to defeat.
Oyuka looks for an opening, but Mrs. Peel counters..., 


No, this does not devolve into a hair-pulling catfight, I am sad to report. That doesn't mean it wasn't considered. Look closely at this scene: What is Oyuka's aim? In the shot above, her eyes are locked on Emma's. At right, has her gaze shifted up a bit, has it not? Is she eyeing Emma's crowning glory? 
Oyuka's left hand reaches up, and up, for what? For a reach at Emma's shining locks, no doubt. An irresistable target...

(I'll Rip It Out By The Roots!)

The Dance

Deciding to save the hair for later, Oyuka -- with an big windup --  looks to land a blow or two on Emma's head first.  
Oyuka takes her shot, but Emma blocks it! 
Oyuka looks frustrated, and Sensei looks concerned.
A wild swing by Oyuka, and another block by Mrs. Peel.


Mrs. Peel, having stymied Oyuka's attacks, now maneuvers her adversary into an arm-bar.
With Oyuka at her mercy, Emma aims a karate chop at her exposed neck... 
But she stays her hand before the blow lands!
Mrs. Peel has made her point. And Sensei knows talent when he sees it.

Oh, Oyuka!

Just as Sensei is about to declare victory for Mrs. Peel, Oyuka lashes out!
Not the Claw! The most dreaded of all martial arts moves.
Outlawed by U.N. Treaty, but not until after this awful scene took place.
Oyuka digs in deeper and deeper. Few have survived such torture...

Oyuka, stop! You'll kill her, and I don't have insurance!

Oh, Emma!

Years of training and an iron will allow Emma to heroically endure the pain of the Claw. Oyuka realizes her gambit has failed, and she knows what is coming next.    
Oyuka gets a whole new view of the dojo as Emma uses the arm bar, and the leverage it brings, to throw the "Immovable One" down to the floor.

Oh, Sensei!

`She Has the Skill of a Man'


"Wow! Mrs. Peel is so hot. Why can't I meet women like that? Keeping them out of the dojo is one good reason. What a fool I've been! Let the women fight, I say!" 

it on , Oyuka!'

`You're mine,

But Where
Was The

The fight was sweet but short. What the TV episode didn't show was the rematch, a no-holds-barred slugfest that took both women to the limit. Fortunately, we have it -- and it's coming soon!
`The Cybernauts'
This was the first “Avengers” episode to air in the U.S., March 28, 1966, and the fourth one produced with Diana Rigg in the role of Emma Peel. (She was preceded by Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale — ​​ check this out .) Although “The Cybernauts" received “mixed reviews,” the show was soon to be a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Oyuka is played by the British actress Katherine Schofield, although the part went uncredited . Look for the dojo scene at around 9 minutes in. Would sure like to have seen her and Mrs. Peel show off a little more of their martial-arts skills...