All Is Not What It Seems
For Steed and Mrs. Peel 

    Mrs. Peel and Steed arrive in lovely Bazely-by-the-Sea to investigate the disappearance of four agents. Soon they find themselves targets of these same seemingly innocent yet deadly locals.   

`Mrs. Peel, We're Needed'


Bazely-by-the-Sea, and Its Friendly Inhabitants

Juliet Harmer as Jill Manson, soon to tangle with Mrs. Peel

Emma gets trussed up, but does she get fed her oats?​​

The Jig Is Up for Steed and Mrs. Peel!

Double jump-kick, anyone?

Emma vs. Jill, Woman to Woman

Emma takes control and drives Jill into the wall!​​

`Hey, That's My Hair!'

Jill digs her hand into Emma's lovely locks, trying to yank her way free..​​​


`Bitch, don't touch 
my hair!'​​​

Jill has Emma pinned against the wall, right where she wants her...​​​


Emma Decides, That's Enough, Bitch

Jill goes down!

Emma goes to assist Steed, when she feels a tug from the past...​​​​​

`Up we go!'

Time For Jill to Take a Ride!

Around and around she goes...

...where she'll land, nobody knows!

Jill's Bad Ending

Jill's last thought: Don't piss off Peel again

Oh, Father!

The vicar attacks Emma, picking her up with one intent... throw her down into the pit!

Emma fights for her life!

Emma gets her footing...

And the Vicar Is Banished!

Look out below!

All's Well That Ends Well!



Watch the Fight!

"Town of No Return" was the 92nd "Avengers" episode and the 14th with Emma Peel. Avengers Forever gives it four "​ Bowlers ," its highest mark. The fight is also top-rated.