Velvet McIntyre

The Fiery Redhead From Ireland

Flying Her
​Way to Titles
​And Followers

     Velvet McIntyre was a big part of the crazy WWF scene of the 1980s.

     This was when Vince McMahon grabbed full control of the operation, taking it national and turning Hulk Hogan into a megastar.

     He also made a big bet on women's wrestling, recruiting the longtime champ, Fabulous Moolah (who literally owned the belt), and starting the "Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection" with Cyndi Lauper "managing" Wendi Richter.

     Velvet and Princess Victoria had been the NWA champs, and in 1983 became the WWF's first title holders. They reigned for almost two years, before a neck injury forced Victoria to leave the sport, and Desiree Peterson took her place.

     This put Velvet in the spotlight after Wendi left the WWF (or was forced out), and she got first crack at Moolah. And what better venue than Wrestlemania 2?

    So, in front of a packed house in Chicago, and millions of TV viewers, Velvet had a wardrobe malfunction! At least, that's the rumor.

   In any case, after Velvet missed a splash -- which may or may not have snapped her strap, exposing a breast -- Moolah covered her, and it was all over in 1:25. There was disbelief in the audience.

     Velvet would eventually get her revenge, defeating Moolah​​ on July 3, 1986, in Brisbane, Australia, to become WWF Woman's Champion.

    Velvet reached the peak of her profession! The flying redhead was the greatest ladies wrestler on the planet!

     For six days. Her reign, the second-shortest on record, was ended by Moolah on July 9, 1986, in Sydney.

     That was far from the end of the wrestling career of Velvet McIntyre, born Nov. 24, 1962, reputedly in Ireland. She seems to have been raised in Canada, then more definitely trained with Sandy Barr in Oregon in 1980.

     It was in the Northwest that Velvet first started working with Princess Victoria. After the Moolah episode, she feuded with Sherri Maretel, and over the years faced off against the likes of Leilani Kai, Judy Martin, Peggy Lee, Peggy Patterson, Wendi Richter and Penny MItchell, as well as often touring Japan as an American heel. She held numerous titles.

     Velvet was noted for her high-flying style, which wasn't common at the time, especially among the women. Rocky Johnson (father of the Rock) and Jimmy Snooka were pioneers among the men, but Velvet was showing that the fairer sex could soar, too.

     Today, of course, that style is the norm. So is long beautiful hair, another area where Velvet was a trend-setter.

​     We, of course, were first attacted to Velvet because of those gorgeous red locks. Oh, how her opponents used them against her! If it wasn't a hair mare or toss, it was standing on the hair, or pulling it from behind in a reverse headlock!

     Velvet is one of our great muses, thus this tribute to her. We can only hope we do her justice.

     We will be bringing you much, much more of Velvet, as we can. Everything that's available, in fact, is the goal.

     It's a lot of work, but it's a labor of love! Enjoy...

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