The Amazon Princess

Wonder Woman: The Original and Still the Greatest

     Diana Prince, daughter of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons , was sent out from Paradise Island to save humanity from itself during World War II. And, boy, are we glad she was. She was the first female superhero and remains the greatest. May she keep saving humanity, having as many catfights along the way as possible.

     We start with Diana against her toughest oppenent -- herself! It must've been popular, as they kept having them meet over the years.

A New Wonder Woman -- in Triplicate!

Diana loses her crown over and over again! First to her sister Orana, at left, in a wonderfully evocative cover from 1978. The middle one is a special variant DC produced for "Harley Quinn Month" in February 2015. At right is an unofficial cover that substitutes in She-Hulk. It can be found on a site known as Super-Team Family... the Lost Issues, which promises "The Greatest Team-Ups That Never Happened ... But Should Have!" We couldn't agree more that the Amazon Princess and the Green Giantess MUST fight!

Woman-to-Wonder Woman

Mixing It Up With a Mix of Female Foes

Those Cheating Boys

Ooo, Can't Beat Up a Girl Without Pulling Her Hair?

Hair-pulling between women is natural and wonderful. When men grab a woman's crowning glory, however, it's just poor sportsmanship. Here, both mortal men and gods get their hands in Wonder Woman's lovely locks. We are happy to report she  eventually kicks their butts for taking such liberties with her.

The Cheetah

When It Comes to Wonder Woman's Archenemy, It's Personal 

From hair-pulling to scratching, nothing is off limits for these old foes. And we do mean old. The cover above, left -- Issue No. 6 -- is from September 1943. World War II was on! It's Cheetah's debut, as well as the first cover to feature either a catfight or a hair-pull -- and it's got both! She's goes into Wonder Woman's hair again, almost 40 years later. They still both look great, don't they?

Hair-Pulling Specials!

Stopping Wonder Woman is a family affair here -- even the dog gets involved. And looking at the wife's grip on her hair, you can tell she's a veteran catfighter. Teaching her daughter well...
The villainess sure looks pleased, having torched Wonder Woman and taken her magic lasso. But the real star is the Amazon princess's hair -- still looks great even when she's a burnt corpse!

Who's Your Friend, Wonder Woman?

     So nice of Wonder Woman to risk her own life saving these poor damsels in distress.

     What -- you question that theory? Are you suggesting she's making off with these lovely ladies in order to have her wonder way with them?

     For shame, to think such things about the Amazon Princess!

    Until we have positive proof to the contrary, we'll believe Wonder Woman is merely performing her duties as a superheroine. 

    Anything beyond this merely a product of your own over-active mind. Well done!

The Obligatory Bondage

Diana Was Forever Being Bound, Gagged and Disciplined -- Enjoy!