Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl

The Two Greatest
Super Heroines
Prove Who Is Best

     The Amazon Princess  may have the beauty  Aphrodite, the strength of Demeter, the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Hermes, and the deadly skill of Artemis, but Supergirl is a super-powered space-alien freak, for crying out loud. Has Wonder Woman met her match?
     It was a matchup DC had to make happen, of course. And this 1968 story, titled "Wonder Woman and Supergirl vs. The Planetary Conqueror," has a charmingly sexist premise. The  superheroines turn the tables on Klamos, naturally. But first they engage is a spirited fist-fight. No hair-pulling, unfortunately, nor a concvlusive finish. Fun nonetheless...  

How to Marry a Superheroine...

Step One: Change Color of Sun

Step Two: Go to Another Galaxy

Step Three: Every Man's Dream!

Is This the End of Wonder Woman?

Of Course Not! 

The Little Ghoul Gets Away, But We're All Better for the Experience